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Douglas Araujo, Marielle Cristina Schneider, Emygdio Paula-Neto and Doralice Maria Cella

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Drymusidae Simon, 1893


Cited as = species name adopted by the researcher that performed the cytogenetic analysis; 2n = diploid number of males and in parenthesis, diploid number of females; n = haploid number;

3n = triploid number; 4n = tetraploid number; SCS = sex chromosome system; T = telocentric; A = acrocentric; St = subtelocentric; Sm = submetacentric; M = metacentric; H = holocentric;

S = supernumerary chromosome; (?) = dubious description; (*) = designation of the species name not recorded in the taxonomic database.

Valid name

Cited as



Chromosomal morphology

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Izithunzi capense (Simon, 1893)

Drymusa capensis




South Africa

Král et al., 2006