Analysis of Chromosome Morphology - LEVAN



LEVAN (Sakamoto & Zacaro, 2009) is a ROImanager like plugin which enables the first imput for karyotype description and idiogram elaboration using relative lenght data. LEVAN is an analysis plugin for ImageJ, an open-source multi-plataform software for Image Processing and Analysis in Java developed by W. Rasband at National Institutes of Health, NIH, USA (Rasband, 1997-2012; Abramoff et al., 2004).

LEVAN classifies the chromosomal morphology of meiotic (bivalents and univalents) or mitotic metaphase chromosomes in digital images. The morphological criterion of the plugin is a modification of the criteria described by Levan et al. (1964) and Green & Sessions (1991).

The first two requirements to use LEVAN are download and install ImageJ. Then, download and install LEVAN. A comparative table showing equivalence of the considered criteria for morphological nomenclature of chromosomes, step by step instructions for LEVAN installation and examples can be found here.



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