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Doralice Maria Cella

Graduated in Biology (1978)
Ph.D. in Zoology (1988)
Students (MSc.,PhD.)
Emygdio de Paula Neto
Cristina Ramos de Souza Heleodoro
Former Students (MSc.,PhD.)
Milena de Júlio Rosângela Martins de Oliveira  
Douglas de Araújo Mara Cristina de Almeida  
Marielle Cristina Schneider Edson Gabriel de Oliveira  

Research Interests

The research focuses on the cytogenetics of some Arthropoda (Arachnida, Coleoptera, and Orthoptera). The particular interest is to infer the processes involved in the chromosomal evolution through the analyses of chromosomal diploid number and morphology, pattern of distribution of the constitutive heterochromatin (CH) and nucleolar organizer regions (NORs), and behaviour of the chromosomes during meiosis.
Current Research Projects

- Cytogenetic analysis in Arthropoda (Arachnida - Araneae, Opiliones, Scorpiones; Insecta - Coleoptera, Orthoptera): constitutive heterochromatin and nucleolar organizer regions.
The cytogenetic analyses performed in Arthropoda have made possible the determination of the chromosomal diploid and haploid numbers, chromosomal morphology, type of sex chromosome system (SCS), pattern of distribution of the constitutive heterochromatin (CH) and nucleolar organizer regions (NORs), and behaviour of the chromosomes, especially of the sex chromosomes, during male meiosis, in relation to the events of synapsis and pairing, occurrence of chiasmata, and segregation. Furthermore, the identification of numerical and structural chromosomal polymorphisms due to the presence of supernumerary chromosomes and/or occurrence of chromosomal rearrangements of the translocation, centric fusion/fission, and pericentric inversion types, variation in the distribution, constitution, and quantity of CH and NORs, and karyotype relationships among species taxonomically and/or phylogenetically related have been accomplished. The characteristics above-mentioned are studied to infer the mechanism of karyotype differentiation during the evolutionary process. This project also has provided information about the biodiversity of the Brazilian fauna, considering that the Arthropoda species analyzed have been collected at different localities, taxonomically identified by researchers related to specific groups, and catalogued in the Instituto Butantan, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, and/or Museu de Zoologia, USP, São Paulo, SP, Brazil. The cytogenetic studies carried out provided the karyotype description of 18 spider, 04 harvestman, 04 scorpion, 31 coleopteran, and 06 orthopteran species in articles published in national or international periodicals.

Recent Publications


- STAVALE LM; SCHNEIDER MC; BRESCOVIT AD; CELLA, DM. Chromosomal characteristics and karyotype evolution of Oxyopidae spiders (Araneae, Entelegynae). Genetics and Molecular Research, 10: 752-763, 2011.

- SCHNEIDER MC; ZACARO AA; FERREIRA A; CELLA DM. Karyotype plasticity in Anurogryllus sp. (Orthoptera, Ensifera, Gryllidae): numerical, morphological, and NOR distribution pattern polymorphism. Journal of Insect Science (Online), 10: 87, 2010.

- DE JULIO M; FERNANDES FR; COSTA C; ALMEIDA MC; CELLA DM. Mechanisms of karyotype differentiation in Cassidinae sensu lato (Coleoptera, Polyphaga, Chrysomelidae) based on seven species of the Brazilian fauna and an overview of the cytogenetic data. Micron (Oxford), 41: 26-38, 2010.

- STAVALE LM; SCHNEIDER MC; ARAUJO D; BRESCOVIT AD; CELLA DM. Chromosomes of Theridiidae spiders (Entelegynae): interspecific karyotype diversity in Argyrodes and diploid number intraspecific variability in Nesticodes rufipes. Genetics and Molecular Biology, 33: 663-668, 2010.

- SCHNEIDER MC; CELLA DM. Karyotype conservation in 2 populations of the parthenogenetic scorpion Tityus serrulatus (Buthidae): rDNA and its associated heterochromatin are concentrated on only one chromosome. Journal of Heredity, 101: 491-496, 2010.

- SCHNEIDER MC; ZACARO AA; PINTO-DA-ROCHA R; CANDIDO DM; CELLA DM. A comparative cytogenetic analysis of two Bothriuridae species and overview of the chromosome data of Scorpiones. Journal of Heredity, 100: 545-555, 2009.

- ALMEIDA MC; CAMPANER C; CELLA DM. Cytogenetics of four Omophoita species (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae): a comparative analysis using mitotic and meiotic cells submitted to the standard staining and C-banding technique. Micron (Oxford), 40: 586-596, 2009.

- SCHNEIDER MC; ZACARO AA; PINTO-DA-ROCHA R; CANDIDO DM; CELLA DM. Complex meiotic configuration of the holocentric chromosomes: the intriguing case of the scorpion Tityus bahiensis. Chromosome Research, 17: 883-898, 2009.

- ARAUJO D; RHEIMS CA; BRESCOVIT AD; CELLA DM. Extreme degree of chromosome number variability in species of the spider genus Scytodes (Araneae, Haplogynae, Scytodidae). Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 46: 89-95, 2008.

- RAMALHO MO; ARAUJO D; SCHNEIDER MC; BRESCOVIT AD; CELLA DM. Mesabolivar brasiliensis (Moenkhaus) and Mesabolivar cyaneotaeniatus (Keyserling) (Araneomorphae, Pholcidae): close relationship reinforced by cytogenetic analyses. Journal of Arachnology, 36: 453-456, 2008.

- SCHNEIDER MC; ZACARO AA; OLIVEIRA RM; GNASPINI P; CELLA DM. Conventional and ultrastructural analyses of the chromosomes of Discocyrtus pectinifemur (Opiliones, Laniatores, Gonyleptidae). Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 47: 203-207, 2008.

- SCHNEIDER MC; ROSA SP; ALMEIDA MC; COSTA C; CELLA DM. Strategies of karyotype differentiation in Elateridae (Coleoptera, Polyphaga). Micron (Oxford), 38: 590-598, 2007.

- SCHNEIDER MC; ROSA SP; ALMEIDA MC; COSTA C; CELLA DM. Chromosomal similarities and differences among four Neotropical Elateridae (Conoderini and Pyrophorini) and other related species, with comments on the NORs pattern in Coleoptera. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 45: 308-316, 2007.

- SCHNEIDER MC; CARRARO BP; CELLA DM; MATIELLO RR; ARTONI RF; ALMEIDA MC. Astylus variegatus (Coleoptera, Melyridae): cytogenetic study of a population exposed to agrochemical products. Genetics and Molecular Biology, 30: 640-645, 2007.

- DIAS CM; SCHNEIDER MC; ROSA SP; COSTA C; CELLA DM. The first cytogenetic report of fireflies (Coleoptera, Lampyridae) from Brazilian fauna. Acta Zoologica (Stockholm), 88: 309-316, 2007.

- OLIVEIRA RM; JESUS AC; BRESCOVIT AD; CELLA DM. Chromosomes of Crossopriza lyoni (Blackwall 1867), intraindividual numerical chromosome variation in Physocyclus globosus (Taczanowski 1874), and the distribution pattern of NORs (Araneomorphae, Haplogynae, Pholcidae). Journal of Arachnology, 35: 293-306, 2007.

- SCHNEIDER MC; ALMEIDA MC; ROSA SP; COSTA C; CELLA DM. Evolutionary chromosomal differentiation among four species of Conoderus Eschscholts, 1829 (Coleoptera, Elateridae, Agrypninae, Conoderini) detected by standard staining, C-banding, silver nitrate impregnation, and CMA3/DA/DAPI staining. Genetica (The Hague), 128: 333-346, 2006.

- ALMEIDA MC; CAMPANER C; CELLA DM. Karyotype characterization, constitutive heterochromatin and nucleolus organizer regions of Paranaita opima (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae). Genetics and Molecular Biology, 29: 475-484, 2006.

- OLIVEIRA RM; ZACARO AA; GNASPINI P; CELLA DM. Cytogenetics of three Brazilian Goniosoma species: a new record for diploid number in Laniatores (Opiliones, Gonyleptidae, Goniosomatinae). Journal of Arachnology, 34: 435-443, 2006.

- FERREIRA A; CELLA DM. Chromosome structure of Eneoptera surinamensis (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Eneopterinae) as revealed by C, NOR and N banding techniques. Chromosome Science, 9: 47-51, 2006.

- ARAUJO D; CELLA DM; BRESCOVIT AD. Cytogenetic analysis of the neotropical spider Nephilengys cruentata (Araneomorphae, Tetragnathidae): standard staining, NORs, C bands and base-specific fluorochromes. Revista Brasileira de Biologia, São Paulo, 65(2): 193-202, 2005.

- ARAUJO D; BRESCOVIT AD; RHEIMS CA; CELLA DM. Chromosomal data of two pholcids (Araneomorphae, Haplogynae): a new diploid number and the first cytogenetical record in the New World clade. Journal of Arachnology, 33 (2): 591-596, 2005.

- ZACARO AA; ALMEIDA MC; CELLA DM. Recombination nodules in coleopteran (Polyphaga) species: Palembus dermestoides (Tenebrionidae) and Epicauta atomaria (Meloidae). Cytogenetic and Genome Research, Berlin, 103 (1-2): 185-191, 2003.

- SILVA RW; KLISIOWICZ DR; CELLA DM; SBALQUEIRO IJ. Differential distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in two species of brown spider: Loxosceles intermedia and Loxosceles laeta (Araneae, Sicariidae), from the metropolitan region of Curitiba, PR (Brazil). Acta Biológica, Curitiba - PR, 31: 123-136, 2002.

- ALMEIDA MC; ZACARO AA; CELLA DM. Cytogenetic analysis of Epicauta atomaria (Meloidae) and Palembus dermestoides (Tenebrionidae) with Xyp sex determination system using standard staining, C-band, NOR and synaptonemal complex microspreading techniques. Hereditas (Lund), Suécia, 133: 147-157, 2000.

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Book Chapters

- SCHNEIDER MC; CELLA DM. Citogenética de insetos de importância para entomologia forense: Coleoptera e Diptera. In: LEONARDO GOMES (Org.). Entomologia forense: novas tendências e tecnologias nas ciências criminais. 1a ed. Rio de Janeiro: Technical Books, 321-361, 2010.

Courses Taught

Cell Biology
Developmental Biology: Mechanism of Regulation
Nucleus: Structure and Function

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